Girls With Freckles... We Are Special!

First of all... all girls are special in a way :P
But this post is dedicated to those girls with freckles who wish they didn't have them. I am an excellent example of a "chocolate-chip-cookie." In other words, I have a lot of freckles! And I've always wanted to get rid of some. But with time I have come to understand many things: 1) If you want others to love you, you must first love yourself. 2) We all have something in our bodies we might not like very much, it's ok! 3) There are people out there with worse problems than skin pigmentations! 4) It's not too hard to camouflage our freckles if we wanted to, but girls who want freckles would have to draw on themselves :P 5) Last but not least, who said freckles aren't cute??! The only thing you guys should be worried about is monitoring your freckles once in a while to make sure they have not changed. Having a dermatologist and going for a check-up maybe twice a year is a good way to go :P
Do you have freckles? Send me a picture and I will be happy to post in here!
Before finishing, here are a couple of phrases I found!

“A girl without freckles is like a night without stars”

"My Grandmother always told me they were angel kisses"

"You're just going to burn if you lay out" No, I will work on my mini tan (freckle) collection.

"Those freckles are going to turn into age spots." No, they won't. You're just jealous.

Enjoy having those unique markins on your skin <3

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