A Fun Idea...

As I was paying some bills at my office; I remembered something I had read in a forum and kept in mind ever since (a pre-paid envelope idea). A lot of companies/organizations send you offers on the mail inviting you to subscribe to something, whether it is a credit card, a magazine, a service, etc. But a lot of them seem desperate, don't they? As soon as your previous subscription approaches its end, they remind you. If you don't answer, they remind you again. If you donate to something, they will assume you will do it monthly, etc. If it's a good cause, however, I always understand.

So in order for them to get the message [not guaranteed- you know how they are after all], try doing something fun with the pre-paid envelope they sent you :) You will send it back with something totally random inside! You can search random images in magazines, online, in other ads, etc. If it's a credit card offer, you can send them another credit card offer, or something you find anywhere. You can even try to put a plastic knife, or spoon, or something. I seem kind of childish, I know... I am actually not; and in fact, I haven't done this quite yet. I've only sent them back a post-it note saying things like: "that person doesn't work here anymore;" "we don't want that, thanks." But every time I see one of those envelopes, I remember that idea. So I might go ahead and do that. It's fun to imagine their faces, and maybe you even make someone's day!

Have an awesome start of the week!


  1. LOL, I like your sense of humor. :-)
    Thanks for the smile.

  2. Glad it made you smile! You should read the one about telemarketers too. I found good tips for when they call!


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