Magical Day Endings

Yesterday while I was driving back home I noticed the beautiful colors the sky had. I was thinking to myself: how come it's usually never this pretty when I drive on Wednesdays?... then I realized it was because I had left class 45 mins earlier. The sunset was so fascinating that I wish I had taken my camera with me. The colors, ranging from pink and orange to soft purples and blue, made everything look prettier including the highway and the lit store signs on the frontage road. I glanced to my right and noticed that that side of the city was already welcoming the night, while the left was still saying goodbye to the day. It looked as if the sky was divided in two sections and the highway I was on was right in the middle of them. Sunsets are one of those things that don't seem to be a big deal sometimes, but the colors are never the same, and the clouds always move differently too. These are little aspects that make you appreciate natural scenery even more. At one point, this man pulled behind me in his big truck with blinding white lights. I would have not cared too much except he was interrupting my sunset-contemplation! how dare he?! I let him pass me and continued driving, wondering how amazing it would be if all the city & car lights would go off at that moment. The sky would probably come close to being as beautiful as an aurora borealis. One of these afternoons go out and try to enjoy the sunset; don't just look at it a few seconds. It's also magical when you can see the horizon and watch as the very last bit of sun seeps under it.

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