2 Pictures Game- Started by Oh,Mishka

I thought Michelle's post was lovely. I decided to participate in her game and put two pictures of things in my room. The first one is a frame I made a long time ago with a picture of me and my cousin in it. It has letters all over with a metallic tone to them; if you want to know how to make it, I can post the instructions :) The second item is very special to me. It's a hanging pamphlet that my dad gave me when I was a little girl. You can tell by the color that it's a little old, but it always reminds me of the values my dad wanted me to preserve. Here is the translation:

Little Woman

Be kind, but not easy
Be worthy, but not arrogant
Laugh, but not scandalously
Look, but with modesty
Be tender, but not flexible
Be joyful, but not frivolous
Talk, but with restraint
Be sweet, but not too sweet
Love, but with caution
Listen, but don't always believe
Be a woman, and not a doll

2 Pictures Game - Oh,Mishka


  1. Your "instructions" from your dad are wonderful. What a sweet gift!

  2. :) I know, it's a special gift that I just recently hung on my wall again. Have a good weekend!


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