Two funny pictures from the World Cup

Hey all. It's been soooo long. You can now tell I'm pretty busy these days, huh?
Well, I not only have a trip coming up but also my parents' 25th anniversary, for which I'm making a little video and stuff. The World Cup has been keeping me a little busy too! I really enjoy watching those soccer games. My dad and my brothers love soccer, so I've liked it since I was a little girl, but the World Cup is definitely when I watch it the most. The other day my favorite team Germany, lost. I can't believe they played the way they did... it wasn't bad, but it certainly wasn't their best. They didn't show what they had shown to the Argentinians... oh well. I guess I'll be rooting for Spain this Sunday.

Anyway, look at these two pictures. Isn't the technology in photo and video amazing today? I'm always stunned by the quality of the slow motion videos that they show in game repetitions. And the cameras that photographers use? Have you all  noticed those lenses? Wow...
Well, here we go:
haha I had to circle that guy's emotion. 

hahaha and what's this? something like "damn you Germans" 
I loved this game, and I was pretty excited about the results.
Last victory for them though :(

Well everyone, have a great weekend! Enjoy the weather, go relax, have fun
and thanks for being patient with me these days =D


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