Apologies & 2 Pictures

Dear Enjoyers,
I have to apologize once again for not writing as often as I used to. In only three months I will be traveling and there is sooo much stuff I need to take care of before leaving. I am going to be writing about it eventually. Today I actually wanted to tell you about an old friend from college, but I am here in my room trying to organize some things and I even have to go wash some dishes because I don't want my mom to see them in the morning! So, instead of hurrying and writing my post rushed, I thought I'd share with you two pictures that I sold within the last 5 days on Etsy (how exciting!!!):

This picture was taken with my Canon 30D here in Texas. 
I really love railroad tracks, so I 
was pretty excited to find this elevated one.

This picture was taken with my little Nikon CoolPix in Vienna, Austria. 
Three years ago (May 22nd) I was in that beautiful city. 
Wow, time passes by so faaaast. 
Anyway, I'm glad two people found them pretty 
and decided to support my little shop :)

I will come back to tell you the other story! :)


  1. I like the second shot very much- it makes me think of childhood and it's very dreamy

  2. Yay for pretty pictures and Etsy sales, they are gorgeous and no worries for writing, we are here when you want to blog! xo!

  3. Love the ferris wheel pic. Ferris wheels are awesome though they scare me too much.


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