This is just a short post (the longer one I'm saving for later because I need a few images).
Don't you just love those pictures that you take on accident while trying
to figure out camera settings?
This is one of me, the day I went to 'One Night of Queen' 
and posed with a mustache. 

My friend named it 'The Evil Mexican Midget"

 My hair is so light in there, that it looks as if I was wearing a blonde wig
My nose just looks too funny. Oh well


  1. isn't it funny how the oddest most unexpected things can inspire you? this post inspired me to get my camera out again. i want happy accidents :)

    thank you! xo

  2. You are so hilarious, I love it and your cute mustache!

  3. The Evil Mexican Midget - sounds like a good title, though I would titled it 'the little mexican'


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