For Girls: That Time Of The Month Again

This is a post written for all you girls out there. Let's talk a little about those "days of the month." 
Do you feel that they are sometimes impossible to enjoy? Why? Yes, they can be annoying; we have mood swings, cramps, bloated sensations, and so on. So, in order to make them a little more bearable, I made a list of the things I do to soothe those symptoms.  
  • I try pretend those days are no different than any others (if you think "I have my period, therefore I am moody," or things like that, it's more likely you will react that way to things. 
  • I just let myself go with the flow, meaning I do what I feel like doing and avoid doing what I don't feel like doing. For instance, sometimes I plan on going to the gym, but then I change my mind, and I go home to relax instead. 
  • I like getting cozy, especially during those days. I try to use soft/warm [if the weather allows it]/comfortable clothing. If I watch t.v at home, I cover myself with a blanket, etc.
  • Eat/drink something you love-- but be careful, apparently there are some things to avoid too [see below]. Get a yummy dessert, a nice warm coffee or tea, or your favorite sandwich...
  • For cramps, I either drink hot oregano tea or-- for faster results-- I take two Advil tablets. But if you don't like taking pills, try the tea :)
Here are two articles that have some other good tips!

PMS Worries: 8 Tips to Beat Those Days of the Month

Before I finish, let me tell you quickly about one more website: MyMonthlyCycles.Com
It helps you track your periods, symptoms, ovulation days, average cycle length, etc. You can set up reminders for next periods, fertile days, and more. You can plan a pregnancy due date better. Check it out here! 

I hope you're "special days" are a little bit brighter from now on :)

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  1. Hi.
    First time here and I love your very colorful fun filled blog.
    Hmm, I deal with my special almost just as your do. I forget I have them. I am lucky I dont get cramps that make me curl up. But I try to be excited not get moody and take care of myself and pamper myself a lot in those days.
    Btw, i want to follow your blog. But where is the followers section?

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for your comment :) I love it when the blog makes someone smile. I put the followers gadget there again, but I am not sure if it's working correctly. I do see you found another button that worked though :D, cool! Thanks for stopping by

  3. I completely agree with the first point on moodiness. My mother is constantly using the "I'm Hormonal" excuse, to the point where you would think she is never NOT PMSing. As a result, I refuse to blame any kind of outburst or mood on hormones. My take on it: You control yourself. Take responsibility for that.

    Recently, I've been reading 'My Little Red Book'- a collection of stories by several different women on periods (mostly first-period stories), and it's proven a refreshing and charming read.


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