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I wanted to post this earlier; but I had to catch up with some things at the office. It doesn't matter, you have [or should have] breakfast everyday so maybe you'll remember this next time:

Breakfast is my favorite meal! Even though I love real food and desserts, breakfast is just special. It's the first thing we give our stomachs in the day;  we can enjoy it without thinking too much about issues that may bother us at lunch or even dinner. It's the start of a new day, and we should think about that and be grateful. 
Having said that, let me remind you that you should always have breakfast. Don't skip it! Many people skip it for different reasons; some just don't have time because they go to work very early (that's my case but my boss lets me have breakfast at the office- thankfully!), others are just not that hungry in the morning, and others simply do it on purpose because they're following some type of diet. But think about why you need it:

-  You have slept for probably more than 6 hours. Your body is running on empty, your energy levels are low; in other words, you need some "fuel"! 
-   Breakfast will not only give you more energy, but will also help you think and concentrate better on your tasks.   
-  Keep in mind that breakfast should be nutritious; don't have just a donut and a sugary drink because that will make you hungry later. Have some whole grains, fruit, milk... something varied that will digest evenly.
-  Keep in mind also that skipping breakfast does not mean losing weight. Your body will probably get used to not receiving food; it will assume: "this person will only eat two/three times today, I have to store more energy, store more fat, in order to support her/his activities." You will end up storing more on your other meals. On the contrary, breakfast evens things out a little bit, and it may even reduce your hunger at lunch time.

Sometimes my breakfast is very simple: a cup of coffee w/milk and two toasts, one with jelly and one with butter. Other times it's a bit healthier, with oatmeal included. Regardless of what I eat, I love to have it everyday! Give it a try if you're a person that skips it; start by having something small and work your way up. I bet you will enjoy it!

Article: Why is Breakfast so important?
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  1. Amen, Sistah!

    Bring on the Breakfast.
    Before I got married, sometimes I would skip it, and just have coffee, and occasionally a muffin, but that was rare. But now that I am married, i eat breakfast every day and LOVE it!


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