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I suddenly realized that since I started this blog, I have not dedicated a post to one of the things I love more: photography. I think it's because I have been over thinking what should and should not be included in my blog, according to the title. But this is The Joy Of Enjoying! And I enjoy photography, so from now on, every Tuesday I will post a picture taken by me. I'm on a journey... I only have a small Nikon Cool Pix. With it, however, I attempt to take the best pictures I can. One day I will have one of those Nikon/Canon SLRs, but I am still saving for it. I want to share that journey with you; it's not only the transition from a fixed-lens camera to an SLR, but also the new tricks and techniques I learn along the way, which will hopefully be reflected on my pictures! Here is one I took while walking somewhere in Salzburg, Austria: 

I love doors, especially old ones! On this picture I also love 
the contrast of materials, brick and wood, as well as their line patterns, horizontal and vertical.
That's all for today, but remember to look for one every Tuesday! I hope you have a great day :)


  1. I love the theme of your blog- I love having cheerful things to read. Especially ones which inspire me to enjoy life. :)

  2. Thank you both for the comments! Hope whatever else I post continues to be as cheerful :P

  3. Hey, you were in Austria :)

    Next time you visit my country couchsurf ( with me :) I am always searching for nice and friendly people and I really like your attitude!

    Type "RA-PUNZEL72" as keyword in the couch search and you will find me.

    Many greetings from Bangkok (where I will leave today for Austria again),

  4. great texture find and I like the colors, it give it a old feel


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