Don't you miss these games?

Yesterday, while on the computer--after looking at some Google gadgets-- I had a sudden flashback to the days when I used to play Simon or BopIt! Remember those games? I never owned any of them, but several of my friends did, and I would love to grab those two toys whenever I went to their houses. How fun! I can still remember the 4 button tones on Simon and the voice commands of "bop it! twist it! pull it!" with goofy music in the background. I think I am going to buy those toys!  At least I know I'd like to play with them again one day. What toys/games do you miss? 
Anyway, just a short little memory today. Coming soon: more Memories That Make Me Giggle, and Tuesday's Photograph. Have an awesome day!




  1. that's hilarious... haven't thought about these in forever.

  2. I know, right?
    We get stuck in all this technological stuff nowadays. Many games (even Simon) you can find online... but there is something special about having the toy! :)


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