Missed Connections- What a wonderful idea...

I'm sure many people have already mentioned this on their blogs, but I had to do it too.
Has your curiosity ever led you to scan through the messages from the Missed Connections section in Craigslist? You probably know about it... people write messages with descriptions in the hope of finding someone they saw or met for a short time, or just to tell someone something {good or bad} when--for various reasons-- they can't say it directly. The thing is, this artist has a magnificent blog with drawings depicting what the messages say. She imagines the characters and creates lovely artwork based on them. Here is an example:

- m4w

We shared a bear suit at an apartment party on Saturday night.
I asked for your number and you gave it to me, but somehow I don't
have an area code written down. I had a great time talking with you,
and I don't trust Chance enough to wait until I see you in the elevators...

When will I come up with an idea this brilliant? Here is the article on her blog for you to check it out and also take a look at the other drawings. You'll love all of them!
Oh! And look at her website... I think I'm jealous now.

Rainbows & Smiles,


  1. Omg - how cute!! Thanks for the link, I have to head over and stalk all of her other work now. I wish I could draw like that, lol. And thank you for visiting my page and leaving such sweet comments :)

  2. This is so cute, and creative. I feel a little down about it actually, like I'm not that creative and active.

  3. Jaime you're welcome :)

    Heidi, I know... trust me, that happens to me all the time. All throughout school I would receive flattering little comments from friends saying "you're so creative!" and I hope that one day I do actually do come up with something unique whether it's in photography or in art; so when I see those things, I remember that I still have to do something... something I become very proud of.


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