Memories That Make Me Giggle- # 4: Sibling Love

I have two younger brothers, Cesar and David. They are awesome! Anyway... when you have siblings, there are always times when you make jokes to each other or act mischievously together. My brother Cesar has always loved sweets--just like me-- he would even take some candy from you after he had already finished his (not always with permission). So one day while we were in the kitchen, I saw the Morton Salt container and suddenly had an idea. I grabbed the salt, pretended I was pouring it into my mouth and said out loud: mmmmhmmm! sugaaaar! Haha I remember Cesar came running, said "really? let me have some!" he grabbed the salt and poured some in his mouth. He made a funny face and had to spit the salt in the sink. I think it did not even land inside the sink but on the border of the counter. I am not sure what else he said or did afterwards. Sounds mean? we were just kids... :) now we don't do those things to each other:

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