Once Upon A Time, On A Rainy Afternoon...

Hello awesome readers! For those of you who are new, I post pictures on Tuesdays to document part of my my journey as a photographer. This group of pictures belongs to the time when I first started getting into photography. They have one theme in common: rain; some all of them I took from inside my car--> I believe that, many times, the most interesting images come by surprise, so you have to be ready... In this case, I like the effect that the water on the windshield has on the picture. I also ended up liking the one with the windshield wiper a lot. Yes that picture could have been dangerous, but I did not take my eyes off the road, promise.  
All pictures, except for the one before last, were taken on the same day. You can tell that I had fun applying some effects. Thanks for stopping by! 'Until tomorrow :)


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