On The Table

I've always liked the Macro feature in cameras.

When I'm at a table, using that feature is always 
a temptation for me.

I like to capture the
 spirit of the moments,
like when friends are drinking and having fun...

it's funny how unhealthy this looks... but there is that warning (in spanish)

...playing cards

...or simply having a meal at a restaurant

These are my table pictures.I think photography-inspiration can come at any moment in any place.Remember, 
sometimes friends might think you're being silly
with your camera, but photography will 
freeze a memory that you'll get to keep forever.

Thank you for 
stopping by today! 
Hasta mañanaaaa.

Rainbows & Smiles,


  1. The Macro feature is indeed lovely :)
    I have a weird love for cards..

  2. I love these pictures! Now I'll have to: a) find the macro feature on my camera, and b) start playing with it!


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