What if... Wednesdays: Superheros

What if you could be or "invent" a superhero? What would you choose? Is there something you would like to do for the world? Is there someone or something you would like to defend or help in some way? Well... a few months ago I came across a link from Marvel, where you can "create your own superhero" and I came up with a brilliant one: Arctic Woman. Want to know what she does? Keep reading :)

Arctic Woman saves the polar bears! Have you seen how hard it is for them to swim for long distances in order to find their food? Climate change affects them negatively. I wish there was something we could do to help them :( 
But wait, that's not all! She also helps other animals that are in danger due to human causes, even pets who are being abused. She has a radar to detect that kind of animal suffering. Her powers are similar to the ones from Storm (X-men); she controls climate and can use water or lightning to punish bad people. Do you wish a certain superhero existed? Or which one would you invent? 

Rainbows & Smiles,

image 1
image 2 made by me
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  1. lightning to punish bad people? awesome.

    Yes! Finally a superhero to help the animals! Not only humans need help!


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