That's the spirit!

The other day I was driving home. Traffic wasn't too smooth; the sky was a little gloomy. Another stop light... and suddenly, I saw a bumper sticker that made me laugh:

  (sorry for the blurry picture, it's a phone camera)

The sticker said "This is it! I don't have another car."  Considering this was probably the oldest car among the other surrounding ones, it made me chuckle. I love it when people read your mind in advance and buy a bumper sticker to respond to that. I also love the fact that this person is content with what he has at the moment (it seemed that way), no matter how old the car model is. I think guys that value what they have, even if it's not the newest thing, are more attractive than guys who want to lure you with their "newest model and fancy sound system and turbocharger," don't you think? 

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