Sometimes Brave, Sometimes Not

I really like scary/suspense films, but not the ones that have blood all over, pure gore, or a silly plot. It has to be a good story! My last favorite suspense movie was The Orphanage; I thought it was great in many ways! My last scary one was... I am not sure! Many somewhat-interesting movies have come out but not one that I remember being exceptionally good. This weekend I went to see a film, about which many have been talking about: Paranormal Activity

It was good!! It worked, it made me be scared to the point that I had to cover part of the screen with my fingers sometimes <-- yet again I am like that in many movies. But! this film really had something! Unlike Hollywood latest movies, this one doesn't try extremely hard to make you jump with common things like a sudden image in the mirror along with a loud sound, or someone closing a door and something appearing behind it. On the contrary, it is a very simple movie-- with little sound effects. And it is precisely that that makes you connect with the characters more, since it feels like any other home video. If/when it plays in your town, you should go see it, sometimes it's fun to get a little scared. And it's fun to scream and watch people scream... and then laugh out loud.

On a side note, I may be brave for movies [most], but not to go to a Haunted House--one of those they open for Halloween month. Every year I wonder how scary they must be... but that's all, I just wonder. I'm a chicken when it comes to actually going to one. I am very vulnerable to people saying "BOO!" while jumping out of a dark area. [I base this on how I react with my brother... can you imagine someone in a costume?]

Have you been to one? How was it? If you tell me it's not that bad then I might try it out... who knows. But for now, I'd rather stick with movies. :)

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