Memories That Make Me Giggle- # 3: Karate Tournament

(make sure you read # 3- title's reference)

As I've mentioned before, my friends and I used to play silly games at school. This is one of them. Let me first explain: we were in an all-girls school and always had to find a way to be creative during our recess time. During our elementary school years, many martial arts-related series were popular; the ones you all probably know are Power Rangers, but there was also Flashman and Liveman (Japanese ones that came first). We used to play Flashman all the time! And there are things I remember from these wonderful years that always make me giggle:

1) Me and my friend Johanna would fight (and get mad at each other) saying "I'm going to marry Din!" (the red flashman) "No, I'm going to marry Din!." Her dad would always say to us: "stop fighting over a random chinese guy!"
Well, today I look at my crush... and I just smile:

2) Since we all wanted to be flashmans and not the mean guys (plus we didn't have enough people anyway), we pretended our school's patio concrete columns were our adversaries. We kicked them, punch them, they "kicked and punched" back at us, and we would scream like the flashman girls did (Sara had a peculiar scream and my friend imitated it correctly).

3) We did not have problems with "who's who" decisions. I liked Lu, the pink one, and my friend liked Sara, the yellow one.  

3) And this is one of the best memories: We were so into Flashman, that we decided to organize a "Karate Tournament" during recess-- even though we had no idea how to do karate. We thought we could; so we wrote "Karate Tournament, recess: back patio" in small papers and passed them along in the classroom.  During recess, we had our audience! Johanna and I just kicked and moved our arms as best we could... who knows who won...  at the end we couldn't decide. Later in the classroom, our teacher had already heard the story somehow. I remember her saying "so I heard something about a Karate Tournament," "who is responsible?" She then looked at me and said... Marcelaaaa. I can't remember much after that, but I know she was nice about it and just explained that we needed to be careful. I love this memory so much; I am going to tell my friend Johanna to read my blog right now.  Thanks for reading! Come back tomorrow for Fabulous Friday!

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