Fabulous Fridays: Love letters

Quote(s)To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.  ~Phyllis Theroux

I am tired, Beloved, of chafing my heart against the want of you;
of squeezing it into little inkdrops, And posting it.
~Amy Lowell, "The Letter"

What a lot we lost when we stopped writing letters.  You can't reread a phone call.  ~Liz Carpenter

[Though we've got to say good-bye 
For the summer 
Darling, I promise you this 
I'll send you all my love 
Everyday in a letter 
Sealed with a kiss
Yes it's gonna be cold, lonely summer 
But I'll fill the emptiness 
I'll send you all my dreams 
Everyday in a letter 
Sealed with a kiss...]

Thought: I recently sent a letter to my boyfriend in Peru. It was a surprise
since I didn't let him know I would send him one; and
what a surprise it can be for someone! Yet, the practicality of
email and instant messaging allow us to forget how much 
more special letters are. Sometimes you can
even express more in them because you write it with inspiration and 
take your time to finish it. Have you written a letter lately?
Try it... it doesn't have to be for your boyfriend/girlfriend; it can 
also bring a smile to your mom's face... your friend, your
brother/sister, or any other special person in your life. Tell them 
why you appreciate their love, why you miss them, what you 
like about them, or perhaps just a simple "thank you for being there" :)

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Una carta es mas que palabras, son sentimientos impregnados mágicamente en una hoja en blanco que solo sirve si éstos se deslizan por entre las letras y el corazón de una persona. Cartas que no olvidaré serán las que te escribí.:)

  2. Claro Carlex... no lo podrías haber dicho mejor. Yo tampoco me olvido de las cartas; aparte que desde temprano se notaba que eras muy creativo. Siempre me ha gustado recibir cartas; te hacen sentir la importancia que otra persona te da. Y luego se atesoran en lugares especiales.
    Hasta prontin!

  3. You are right this does fit my letter writing post, thanks for sharing it with me and I'm going to write BK a letter for our anniversary, I think he will enjoy it. ;)


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