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Glasses... many words come to mind when we think of glasses: sophisticated, smart, nerdy, sexy, trendy, etc. I wear glasses and the only time I wish I did not need them, is when I have to dress elegantly for an important event, or when I want to put sunglasses on but can't see anything (I have not learned to wear contacts and I don't have prescription sunglasses). The rest of the time, I am perfectly fine with them. Do you feel the same way? Because trust me... a girl with glasses does look interesting! Here are a few things I find positive about my need for sight-correction:

1) Glasses are an accessory, they can complement your features.
2) Since there are different designs, it's cool when you find one that matches your style.
3) They do tend to make you look smart!
4) They make you look sexy too, of course! Ask some of your guy friends!
5) They don't require maintenance as contact lenses. 
6) Sometimes they define who you are more; some friends say they cannot imagine me without my glasses.
So... if you wish you didn't need glasses, remember these cool advantages!

My New Glasses
I wrote about this today because I just received my new glasses on the mail, yay! I bought them on [Click here to view the site + my new glasses] At first, I was a little reluctant of buying glasses online, but as my friend assured me, it worked!  Let me recommend the site to you, in case you're looking for new glasses; you will probably pay less here than at Walmart, Target, etc. I paid $65.93 for mine and it includes shipping, thin-&-lite lenses, UV coating, anti-reflective coating, and the free anti-scratch coating that it comes with. The site also lets you "try them on" using their virtual EyeTry. Very practical!
Here is a 10% coupon code if you decide to try the site: IF2N5SQ673

Have a lovely afternoon ~*~*


  1. I've lived my whole life wearing corrective lenses. I wore glasses (better known as coke bottles) until my freshman year of high school. I loved the freedom of not having the heavy weight on my nose the easy way I could now put make up on without having to try putting it on with my glasses at the end of nose trying to apply under or over them. Contacts were great until wind arrive which of course was daily-I lived in San Francisco. After about 20 years of contacts and moving to Billings, MT another windy city it seemed. I had beautiful daughter. When I found out her eyesight was hindered it broke my heart. I decided her first pair of glasses (age 4) would be time for me to go back to glasses. It was a hard choice to make but knowing that I was doing it for my daughter made it a no brainer. 10 years later and now I am contemplating surgery. I don't know yet if I will decide too. But I know it will take a lot of thought because I know my decision will not only effect me, but how my two daughter which both wear glasses will look upon themselves.

    Lovin it in Montana

  2. I love having glases but I wish I had more of them so I could switch them up! Although, I don't NEED to wear them all the time. I just should. Haha.

  3. Dear anonymous; I think it was very kind of you to go back to glasses in order to help your daughter. How old are your daughters now, 10? Have you asked them what they would think if you stop wearing glasses? They could be at an age when their self-confidence is strong already, but if not, then I do understand your point. I am sure you will be able to have surgery, just maybe not really soon. Talk to them; the best thing is to talk to them and hear their opinions. I hope everything works out for you :)

  4. Julia, I wish I had more colors too! Haha, for every outfit! Sometimes, the website has two for the price of one. In my case, the offer came up one week after I had already ordered my glasses :(
    but one day I might take advantage of that!


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