Memories That Make Me Giggle- #2

One of my favorite memories-- and I was thinking about it because it's the month in which you get to dress as your favorite character-- is when I used to play with my cousins & brothers as little kids and we pretended to be super heroes. Two major cartoon shows defined our playtime: X-Men and Sailor Moon (at school it was Power Rangers and Flashman, but that's another story). With two of my cousins we always played Sailor Moon, and I remember we even said "maybe if we have faith, one day we will get to be Sailor Scouts..." hehe we were really into it! I was Sailor Jupiter; I felt connected with her as she was the only one with  brown hair. I also liked her personality and powers. 

My other favorite character was Storm from X-Men. I loved her outfit and powers! Here we go again with lightning! Something that makes me giggle in this case was that, in order to "look more like Storm," I would grab bed sheets and tie them to my wrists. To me, it felt like being her. I'd like to go back to those times only for a few minutes... children's imagination is amazing, and, in our case, it really took us to wherever our minds wanted to. The good thing is that it's never late to be a kid again; I really want to buy a Sailor Scout costume and wear it on Halloween! Whether it will be this year, who knows, but it will happen. :) 


  1. This is silly! :) I have plenty of memories too.. maybe I'll share them on my own blog.


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