What if... Wednesdays: Time

Hello pretty people,

Today I ask you this: What if you had the option to play with time in any way you wanted (choose one)? For instance, going back in time, travelling to the future, freezing time, or altering the way it works...
What would you pick and why? 
In my case, I think I would chose to alter the way it works. I would make days & nights longer, with at least 5 more hours each. There would be so many benefits out of that... 

- First of all, people would have more hours to sleep and more hours to enjoy the day, yay!
- Because of that, resting time would be incremented (working time would definitely stay the same!).
- Since resting time would increase, stress would probably be reduced.

- With much less stress, people would age slower.
- By aging slower, everyone would enjoy life a little better
 and perhaps rush things less.

There are many mornings when I wake up and I wish nights were longer, 
many days when I go home after work and wish I had more hours 
to do all the things I want & need, including time with family, pets, exercising, 
taking a cozy nap with no regrets, enjoying daylight more, etc. 

But maybe the good thing about time being how it is, is that it forces us 
to value it more, to be more proactive, to learn as much as we can, 
and to cherish moments with loved ones.
 It passes by quickly, and we notice it more and more as we grow older. 
Let's make the most out of our time! 

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  1. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, so I wouldn't want to go back in time. And I don't want to know the future before it happens; surprises are one of my favorite things!

    I would freeze time.

    How cool would that be? To go out into the rain and have and the droplets suspended in air, bursting as you walk through them. Being bathed in the glow of sunset for as long as you want. Being able to enjoy that feeling of walking through a field of morning dew for a whole day. Being able to make a moment last. At least for a little while.

  2. Heidi, that is an awesome idea! I had not think about the rain possibility. It's like a picture! Only you get to be in it in real life, love that! :)


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