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Sharing little thoughts that most of us have probably had at one point...
Today: What if we could step on clouds? Wouldn't it be amazing?

How many times have we looked at the sky, either from the ground or from an airplane, and wished we could have a cloud "getaway?"

Of course, it would be a little hard to get to them, but humans would eventually find a way! *sigh*... the scenery from up there would be extraordinary. And they look so comfy!

I think I was actually a little sad when I found out that clouds weren't solid. It would certainly be an experience like no other... 



  1. Lovely blog, so positive and uplifting! Definitely going to be following your posts! :-)

  2. Thanks Meg! I'm glad to hear that :P
    I left you a comment on your 20sb.net profile.

  3. I've had the same thought! It seems like it would be so comfortable and relaxing to kick back on a fluffy cloud!

  4. that would definitely be the coolest thing ever :) id love to sleep on one!


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