Two From Austin

This week's pictures were taken here in Austin, Texas. The first one 
is a man kayaking in Town Lake. I am glad no one else was around
him at that moment... it helps sharpen the contrast between
him and the size of the lake. I also like to think of this
picture as a symbol of "hope" or "healing" or "sunshine after the storm,"
as it seems he's going from darkness to the light (although
I just remembered that the water trail shows he's going in the other direction, boo)

This is the clock of the University of Texas Tower seen from below 
[at the top of the tower during a tour]. It's very nice to see its 
actual size and its color up close. As a student, I was used to
seeing the clock everyday when walking to class, but being up there
is a different experience, a lovely one.


  1. Great photo!
    hmmm...wonder what that man was thinking while he was kayaking...I'm quite nosy like that LOL*

  2. What a nice and calming site. I love the name Calm Allegro. Maybe it will wear off on me LOL! [See I'm laughing! ;~)]

  3. Good question, I wonder what he was thinking too!

    A Calm Allegro is an anagram of my name and last name :D Did you mean it will calm you as well? It was a peculiar way of phrasing it haha


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